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Your Home Away from Home

Welcome to Reign Resort

The Heart Of Vietnam

A luxury three-story boutique resort with 12 spacious lavishly-appointed suites, lined with sliding glass
doors that open to beautiful terrace overlooking picturesque river views and  mountainous landscapes.

Reign Resort provides exceptional services, and gourmet delights in its own private restaurant, bar and
coffee lab; all offering unique experiences, while boasting signature transparent leisure in its dining domes,
romantically situated to give you 360-degree views of serene natural surroundings with full protection
from the elements.

Your Home Away from Home

Our Mission

Beyond the allure of lavish accommodations, Reign Resort’s hospitality reveals a deeper layer of allure. It is a fusion of sincere warmth and an unwavering pledge to deliver extraordinary experiences. Beneath its veneer of luxury lies a genuine commitment to exceptional service, where attention to detail, anticipation of needs, and a dedication to ensuring memorable moments intertwine seamlessly.

Relax, rejuviante, Tour, Dine

A World of Choice and Endless Adventure Await You

Whether you are on a business trip or enjoying an intimate couple’s holiday or me-time, step into Reign
Resort and experience firsthand, the feeling of being pampered with our unique celebratory blend of
sumptuousness and heartfelt hospitality that transcends expectations.

Airport Pick-up
Housekeeper Services
Wifi & Internet
Laundry Services
Breakfast in Bed
Concierge Service
Parking Space
Room Services
Bar & Cocktails
Dipping Pool (Spool)
Private meeting rooms
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Spend your comfortable holiday in the heart of beautiful Vietnam

Luxury, comfort & tailor-made service

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All you need to know to ensure your trip is perfect. 


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